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Wind Turbines Australia was established to offer a new form of green energy to Australia.

Small Wind Turbines is a technology that takes advantage of the silent nature of smaller wind turbines and their better aesthetics to enable them to be used in urban environments and country areas as well.
In fact we challenge anyone to find a quieter turbine.

We also do larger turbines for rural properties. Have a look at some of the installations on our Installations Tab.
Due to the difficulty in sourcing an Australian approved (AS4777) grid tie unit for our White 300 and 500 we offer advanced off grid solutions for these turbines and both on grid and off grid (battery) solutions for our White 1500. Note: Solar and wind grid tie inverters are programmed differently so a wind turbine can not be connected to a solar inverter. They can however run side by side, both generating power back to the grid simultaneously.

Our turbines are designed in Germany and manufactured in China. They are not modified marine turbines. They are advanced, robust units specifically designed for this application. They are silent and very efficient; generating power at very low wind speeds and yet robust enough to withstand winds of over 140 km/h with suitably attached inverters. Maintenence is virtually nil as the only moving parts are bearings.

The big advantage of wind turbines is that they can generate power when the sun is not shining, in fact they can run 24x7 if there is sufficient wind. They make a great addition to existing solar installations or as a stand alone wind system. Our White 300 wind turbine has a blade diameter of only 1.22 meters but can generate over 20-40 amp hours a day at an average location. Much more can be generated in stronger wind areas. The constant charging especially at night, significantly increases battery life.
Our advanced charge controllers also automatically brake the turbine when the batteries are fully charged. If more power is needed, two or more turbines can be installed and the result is a quiet, aesthetic solution that will generate usable power with a short "pay back" time compared to other green energy solutions.

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